About this site

The Untended Garden is a website that explores and celebrates the connections between art and nature. Drawing from examples in the fields of fine arts, books, films, animation and interactive games, the goal is to give readers a keener awareness of the natural world around them, and inspire them to appreciate nature in a new way.

About the Author

I’m an author, illustrator, animator, puppeteer and interactive designer, and have been inspired by nature all my life. I’ve always marveled at the many ways nature has inspired art throughout history. In today’s computerized world, it seems as though artists are exploring themes of nature more than ever, and through this blog I’m hoping to explore these themes myself by examining new works as well as classic examples.

You can learn more about me at my website. If you have comments or suggestions, send me an email to: john (at) fablevision.com.

Follow me on Twitter: @johnlechner


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