Snowflakes: miniature works of art

snowflake10Artists are inspired by nature, but sometimes nature creates perfect works of art on its own. Snowflakes are not only beautiful in their form and structure, they are also amazing because of the way they are created out of nothing, from moisture crystallizing around tiny specks of dirt. Their resemblance to plants and leaves is remarkable, and yet snowflakes are not living. Nature is filled with common patterns and structures if you look for them.

Here are some snowflake photos collected by Kenneth G. Libbrecht over at, where you can learn about the history of snowflake photography and watch a time-lapse film of a snowflake forming.The next time you see snowflakes fall from the sky, think of the tiny, tiny crystals that make up each piece, miniature works of art that are free and plentiful, if only temporary.


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Art © by John Lechner
Art © by John Lechner

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