Spring is just around the corner


As a gardener and nature-lover, spring is my favorite season. But I’m in no hurry to shake off winter just yet. True, it’s got snow, and ice, and freezing temperatures (at least up north), and everything seems dead and bare. But it also provides a nice break, a time for thinking and looking inward.

In many ways, I find it the most inspiring season of all because of its minimalism. It doesn’t overwhelm the senses with color, it’s not splashy or teeming with distractions. In the winter, a twisting tree branch or a peach sunset can be a small masterpiece. A single red cardinal is like a miracle.

And knowing that nature is only sleeping, that life is still there hidden beneath the bark and under the ground ready to sprout again, can give you a feeling of hope that anything is possible, that any difficulty or situation can be overcome.

So while I’ll be happy when spring arrives, I will still savor the end of winter while I can. For I know that it’s only a temporary situation, and spring is just around the corner.

2 thoughts on “Spring is just around the corner

  1. I love the dark textures of tree branches and bushes against the snow. But my favorite thing about Winter is that fantastic feeling you get when Spring arrives. I’m not sure I could live anywhere that doesn’t have four seasons.

  2. I agree, that first feeling of spring after a long winter is amazing, like waking up from a dream. Seeing the flowers and trees come back into bloom after being bare so long makes them even more beautiful.

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