Hymn to the Earth: the evocative photographs of Ron Rosenstock

Morning Mist by Ron Rosenstock
"Morning Mist" © by Ron Rosenstock

Black and white photography allows us to see the world in a different way. By removing all color, it highlights other qualities of the world around us – texture, contrast, composition. It simplifies and abstracts what we see, revealing the world in its pure form.

The images on this page are by renowned landscape photographer Ron Rosenstock, who currently has an exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum. Here is an excerpt from a review in The Boston Globe by Mark Feeney:

The effect Rosenstock strives for in these pictures, mostly taken in rural Ireland but also in places as diverse (and beautiful) as Italy and Maine, Morocco and New Zealand, is of a higher, purer reality. You could almost describe it as a kind of unreality, given that exaltation and ineffability are forms of reality so rare as hardly to qualify as real. That Rosenstock achieves his aim so often is as much a tribute to the depth of emotion he brings to his work as it is to exacting technique.

The exhibit runs through March 18th, and I highly recommend it. You can see a lot more of Ron’s work at his website.

Landscape by Ron Rosenstock
Photo © by Ron Rosenstock
Noon Shadows by Ron Rosenstock
"Noon Shadows" © by Ron Rosenstock
Photo by Ron Rosenstock
Photo © by Ron Rosenstock
Monks Robes, Abbey of Sant' Antimo by Ron Rosenstock
"Monks Robes, Abbey of Sant' Antimo" © by Ron Rosenstock

Stone Circle at Sheeffry, County Mayo, by Ron Rosenstock
"Stone Circle at Sheeffry, County Mayo" © by Ron Rosenstock